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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ
Simple Network Management Protocol

This 2-part document is provided as a service by and for the readers and droogs of Internet USENET news group news://comp.protocols.snmp and may be used for research and educational purposes only. Any commercial use of the text may be in violation of copyright laws under the terms of the Berne Convention. My lawyer can whup your lawyer.

Anthology Edition Copyright 2003 Thomas R. Cikoski, All Rights Reserved
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The FAQ is available in both text and HTML form.

Text Version Part 1 of 2 103K JUL 2, 2003
Text Version Part 2 of 2 170K JUL 2, 2003
HTML Version Part 1 of 2 130K JUL 2, 2003
HTML Version Part 2 of 2 200K JUL 2, 2003


1.00.00 FAQ PART 1 of 2

1.01.00 -- General
1.01.01 What is the purpose of this FAQ?
1.01.02 Where can I Obtain This FAQ?
1.01.03 Parlez-vous francais?
1.01.04 Why is SNMP like golf?
1.01.05 What is a droog anyway?
1.01.99 This FAQ Stinks!

1.10.00 --General Questions about SNMP and SNMPv1
1.10.01 What is SNMP?
1.10.02 How do I develop and use SNMP technology?
1.10.04 How does the Manager know that its SET arrived?
1.10.10 How does an Agent know where to send a Trap?
1.10.12 Which community string does the agent return?
1.10.15 How can I remotely manage community strings?
1.10.17 What is the largest SNMP message?
1.10.30 Are there security problems with SNMP?

1.11.00 --RFC
1.11.01 What is an RFC?
1.11.02 Where can I get RFC text?

1.12.00 --SNMP Reference
1.12.01 What books are there which cover SNMP?
1.12.02 What periodicals are heavily oriented to SNMP?
1.12.03 What classes are available on the topic of SNMP?
1.12.04 What email discussion groups are available for SNMP?
1.12.05 What trade shows cater to SNMP?
1.12.06 What SNMP product User Groups are available?
1.12.07 Where can I find SNMP-related material on WWW?
1.12.08 What related mailing lists exist?
1.12.20 What related newsgroups exist?
1.12.21 Are there introductory materials?

1.13.00 --Miscellaneous
1.13.01 SNMP and Autodiscovery
1.13.03 SNMP and/versus The Web
1.13.04 SNMP and Java
1.13.05 SNMP and CORBA
1.13.06 SNMP and Visual Basic
1.13.07 SNMP and IPv6
1.13.10 SNMP and C#
1.13.12 SNMP and Perl

1.20.00 -- Questions about SNMPv2
1.20.01 What is SNMPv2?
1.20.02 What is SNMPv2*/SNMPv1+/SNMPv1.5?
1.20.03 What is SNMPv2c?
1.20.04 What the heck other SNMPv's are there?

1.22.00 --General Questions about SNMPv3
1.22.01 What is SNMP V3?

1.30.00 --RMON
1.30.01 What is RMON?
1.30.02 RMON Standardization Status
1.30.03 RMON Working Group.
1.30.04 Joining the RMON Working Group Mailing List
1.30.05 Historical RMON Records
1.30.06 RMON Documents
1.30.07 RMON2

1.40.00 --ISODE
1.40.01 What is ISODE?
1.40.02 Where can I get ISODE?
1.40.03 Is there an ISODE/SNMP mailing list?

1.50.00 --Using SNMP to Monitor or Manage
1.50.01 How do I calculate utilization using SNMP?
1.50.02 What are Appropriate Operating Thresholds?
1.50.03 Are MIBs available to monitor Applications?
1.50.04 How can I make sense out of the Interfaces Group?
1.50.10 When do I use GETBULK versus GETNEXT?
1.50.12 What free products can be used to monitor?

1.75.00 -- SNMP Engineering and Consulting
1.75.01 SNMP Engineering and Consulting Firms

2.00.00 FAQ PART 2 of 2

2.01.00 --CMIP
2.01.01 What is CMIP?
2.01.02 What books should I read about CMIP?
2.01.03 A CMISE/GDMO Mailing List
2.01.04 What is OMNIPoint?

2.02.00 --Other Network Management Protocols
2.02.01 What alternatives exist to SNMP?

2.10.00 --SNMP Software and Related Products
2.10.01 Where can I get Public Domain SNMP software?
2.11.01 Where can I get Proprietary SNMP software?
2.12.01 Where can I get SNMP Shareware?
2.13.01 Miscellaneous FTP Sources
2.14.01 What CMIP software is available?
2.15.01 SNMP and Windows NT/95/98
2.16.01 More About CMU SNMP Software
2.17.01 Miscellaneous SNMP-related Products
2.18.01 SNMP and OS/2
2.18.02 SNMP and SCO Unix
2.18.03 SNMP and Linux
2.18.04 SNMP and AS/400

2.20.01 --SNMP++
2.21.01 What is AgentX?

2.30.00 --The SNMP MIB (Management Information Base)
2.30.01 What is a MIB?
2.30.02 What are MIB-I and MIB-II
2.30.03 How do I convert SNMP V1 to SNMP V2 MIBs?
2.30.04 How do I convert SNMP V2 to SNMP V1 MIBs?
2.30.05 What are enterprise MIBs?
2.30.06 Where can I get enterprise MIBs?
2.30.10 Can I mix SMIv1 and SMIv2 in one MIB?
2.31.01 MIB Compiler Topics
2.32.01 How can I get ______ from the _____ MIB?
2.35.01 How can I register an Enterprise MIB?
2.35.02 Where can I find Enterprise Number Assignments?
2.37.01 How Do I Create a Table Within a Table?
2.37.05 How Do I Reset MIB Counters via SNMP?
2.37.07 How can I change a published MIB?
2.38.01 How unique must MIB variable names be?
2.38.04 Which parts of my MIB are mandatory?
2.38.10 Can a CMIP MIB be converted to SNMP?
2.38.11 Can an SNMP MIB be converted to CMIP?
2.38.12 Can a table index value legally be zero?
2.38.14 Where can I find the _____ MIB?
2.38.20 How can I convert a MIB to XML format?
2.38.22 What is the maximum number of entries in a table?

2.40.00 --SMI
2.40.01 What is the SMI?
2.40.02 What is SMIv2?
2.40.03 Table Indexing and SMI
2.40.04 Floating Point Numbers in SMI?
2.40.05 SMIv1 versus SMIv2?

2.45.00 --ASN.1
2.45.01 What is ASN.1?
2.45.02 Why is ASN.1 not definitive for SNMP?
2.45.05 Where can I find a free ASN.1 compiler?

2.50.00 --BER
2.50.01 How is the Integer value -1 encoded?
2.50.02 What is the Maximum Size of an SNMP Message?
2.50.05 Where can I find BER encoding rules?

2.60.00 -- Agent Behavior
2.60.01 Proper Response to empty VarBind in GetRequest?
2.60.02 Master Agent versus Proxy Agent
2.60.03 Proper Response to GET-NEXT on Last MIB Object?
2.60.10 How can I find the SNMP version of an Agent?
2.60.12 How should an agent respond to a broadcast request?
2.60.14 What does an Agent send in a trap?

2.98.00 Appendix A. Glossary
2.99.00 Appendix B. Acknowledgements & Credits

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