1. The “Making of ...” documentary for the Brett Piper horror flick “Bacterium” was largely committed to video by one of our senior staff. One reviewer had this to say about it:

A making-of doc runs about 23 minutes long and is a fun watch, as it actually has crew and actors doing things instead of just standing in front of a green screen as so many of these types of featurettes do.”

while another raved ...

“The twenty-three-minute "making of" featurette included here is a heck of a lot better than a majority of them tend to be as it offers a good, compact look at making a low-budget feature and makes a good complimentary piece to the commentary track ...”

Our hats off to the POPCinema editor who used our footage to such good advantage.

2. The video feature DVD "The Sexy Adventures of Van Helsing" from Seduction Cinema has a Behind-the-Scenes DVD extra which was conceived and directed, as well as edited and (mostly) shot by Panther Digital Productions.

One internet reviewer deemed the concept “hilarious.”

Another internet reviewer called it “A must see ...”.

The DVD Extra documentary, “Inside the Asylum”, released with the feature “Screaming Dead”, was generally well received. One reviewer called it “fascinating”. A few reviewers questioned our decision to interview a former patient, but her inciteful comments were lucid and highly informative. Their discomfort says more about them than it does about the footage or the subject.