Panther Digital Productions can provide the following services and crew to your film, TV or video production:


We have provided an Assistant Director for a filmed commercial;
We have provided a Camera Operator (video) on Sony and Panasonic;
We have provided an Assistant Camera (video only) to TV and features;
We have provided complete Behind-the-Scenes production and videography and the resulting products have been released as featurettes on DVD;
We have provided Production Assistants for both film and reality TV projects;
We can drive any vehicle not requiring a Class A CDL (i.e. up to semi-trailer).
CDL Class B driving capability, with Passenger endorsement (INCLUDING Air Brake). You rent the big bus and we drive it for you, saving one crew expense;
We can provide our own 7-passenger mini-van;
We have discount buying cards for both Costco and BJ’s wholesale outlets;
We have provided Craft Service for crews of up to 20;

Resumes and references are available. Contact us.

Videography & Editing:

We can provide a Panasonic AG-DVX100A 24p camcorder;
We can provide a Glidecam 2000 Pro camera stabilizer;
We can provide a platform dolly (suitable only for smooth surfaces);
We can provide an Azden shotgun microphone;
We can provide one Azden Wireless Microphone System;
We can provide one Shure Wired OmniDirectional Microphone;
We can provide one Shure Wired Headset Microphone;
We can provide one Wireless Headset Microphone (reporter style);
We can provide one CD playback deck;
We can provide a Rolls 3-input field mixer (XLR);
We can provide a 6’ x 6’ Chroma Key Green Screen;

We can provide laptop DV Rack monitoring capability, with vectorscope, waveform, and audio analysis capabilities, and featuring backup recording;

We have a selection of tungsten, halogen and photoflood lighting, with gels scrims, filters, etc. amounting to over 6,500 watts, including three softboxes.

We edit on a Sony Vaio desktop or Dell laptop using Pinnacle Studio Ultimate which is adequate for most DVD production purposes. This system includes Chroma Key capability. Click here to visit our online demos page.


We can capture miniDV, SVHS or VHS, and edit these using the Pinnacle suite of products. We can then provide “prints” in miniDV, CD, or DVD format, as well as VHS and SVHS. We can provide files for Web streaming in several formats.

Day Players:

We have provided talent for Day Player roles in several features. Contact us for your needs.