Panther Digital Productions can provide the following services and crew to your film, TV or video production:


We have provided an Assistant Director for a filmed commercial;
We have provided a Camera Operator (video) on Sony and Panasonic;
We have provided an Assistant Camera (video only) to TV and features;
We have provided complete Behind-the-Scenes production and videography and the resulting products have been released as featurettes on DVD;
We have provided Production Assistants for both film and reality TV projects;
We can drive any vehicle not requiring a CDL
We have discount buying cards for both Costco and BJ’s wholesale outlets;
We have provided Craft Service for crews of up to 20;

We can shoot behind-the-scenes or promotional material with our own Nikon, or with a device that you provide.

Resumes and references are available. Contact us.

Day Players:

We have provided talent for Day Player roles in several features. Contact us for your needs.