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Q: How do you set up a Smith-Victor softbox?

A: Yeah, we had this problem the first time, too. Click here for the answer.

Here are some other questions we are often asked:

Q: Who was the first Roman film crew member?

A: Marcus Agrippa

Q: In London recently I saw a Panasonic camcorder in a store window with a sign that said “24p”, a hell of a deal. But inside the store the price was over 2,000 Euros. Why?

A: We don’t understand currency exchange either.

Q: My camcorder manual says that my camcorder has a knee. How do I find it?

A: Try looking under its skirt.

Q: I tried recording video at 24p but the best I could do was 23.976p. Why?

A: You probably live in a state that has a sales tax.

Q: What is the best recipe for Vodka Gimlet?

A: A liter of Stoly and a DVD of “The Third Man” played ten times in a row.

Q: What is the purpose of a Scene File?

A: To smooth down the rough edges in your plot.

Q: What is the best setting for the Matrix?

A: It doesn’t matter because none of it is real anyway.

Q: Can I borrow a sawbuck?

A: No.